Friday, January 23, 2009

You will be a hot dancer

Denisse, Jason and I embarked on a journey to Maywood last night, a city the three of us have never been to, but it's located just before the city of Los Angeles. Once we got there, all you can see were industrial buildings. So we were very baffled as to where we were and why of all places this party was located here. We got quite a scare because we got stopped by police, what a great way to start your night! Since we did nothing wrong, he let us go and we commenced our pre-gaming of Svedka. Overall, the three of us had a very interesting and random night. The House Lounge was small and the crowd was random and not at all fashionable. We got to dance for a little bit and capture great photographs! Jason and I were supposed to do roaming photography but we didn't even really bother.

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mademoiselleb said...

This last pic is fabulous ! And I LOVe your shoes !