Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle

So for tonight's excursion, Richard had invited to me come along to the "Jungle House" for a friends going away and birthday party. The Jungle House is where a group of friends are living together in a house in the city of San Pedro, and it is massive! Well, the backyard that is, with a bunch of trees everywhere that it does really look like a jungle. It's pretty awesome! Great and unforgettable parties have went down at the Jungle House. Always good times.

Anyway, I had invited Denisse to come along with us. Upon first arrival, it was a bit awkward since Denisse and I didn't know many of the people except for only a handful and we pretty much stuck together the whole time, socializing with a only a few. While most of the people entertained themselves by playing beer pong, go figure. The party was supposed to be 90s themed but no one really dressed up. Meanwhile, Denisse and I got bored fast that we decided that a nice little walk to Rite Aid would cure our boredom and go see if they had some Blackberry Merlot and they did! We couldn't help but squeal like little girls, but it is that good, mmmmmm!

Overall, the whole night was pretty enjoyable! One of the residents of the Jungle House, Richie, turned out to be quite a great cook and made the best barbecue chicken! Everyone devoured their meal. Simply delicious. Also, V8 Splash and Malibu turned out to be a great mix together. Who knew?

Some photography by Richard McDisco.

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