Sunday, January 25, 2009

Everything's Just Wonderful

So last night was THE big night! Ever since my birthday party during November of last year, we have been looking forward to have another one but this time it was for Denisse (which was originally for our friend Christina but plans tend to change unexpectedly)! So after months of waiting, the day finally came. Our friends and I expected a lot of people and boy, did a lot of people come. Sadly, most of the people who came were not people we invited and would have liked to see but with alcohol in your system we barely cared because at least we had each other.

My friend Shane and Taylor DJed the party, also known as "Hunter/Gatherer." There were a lot of annoying and not at all appealing guys who wanted to dance but uhm, nooo thank you! And I got a little too emotionally drunk and hysterical last night and kept thinking about someone I shouldn't have. But oh well! Shit happens, ahem ahem. There were a few awkward moments with an old flame but we just ignored each other. And I managed to slip and rip my skirt. But one of the highlights of the night was definitely seeing Monica back from Japan and also bearing gifts from Japan! And apparantly, the leather jacket I was wearing used to belong to Lizette and I bought it at Buffalo Exchange two days ago. Talk about sisterhood of the traveling jacket.

However, once the music started to die and the DJs were packing their equipment, so did the party and it ended pretty early. The birthday girl herself left to go to another party all of a sudden and all I wanted to do was go home and sleep on the comfort of my own bed. After leaving the party, Clea, Jane and I headed to Taco Bell where I treated them to quesadillas as a bribe to take me home, ha! And then I got to see Bryttny for the first time in 2009 since my birthday and we blazed and talked about sex like we always do.

I love my friends.Good times, good times.


Mike said...

it's mike! idk if you remember me
from coma
how you be

Mike said...

yeah thats me!