Saturday, January 31, 2009

No One Does It Like You

I need to buy some more Blackberry Merlot. I had some leftover from the other day but it was only a small portion now I'm craving for some more! I should stock up and hide them underneath my bed which constitutes enough for a cooler. It's so damn good, I could drink an endless amount of it.

Anyway, Clea and I decided that we're definitely going to attend Coachella this year. Albeit that we're only going for a day and not the whole three days, Coachella is Coachella and the fact that I've never gone. It's a bit overrated but it brings in the musical goods. This years Coachella seems to be way overly hyped not to mention early? Or is it just me? To be honest, I think the lineup is rather weak this year, the only ones I'm looking forward to seeing are Crookers. Tomorrow Clea and I are going to buy our tickets at Long Beach. I have yet to talk to my mother about it since I'm going to be spending over a hundred dollars for it. I can already see the look of horror on her face when I tell her how much it costs and the bullshit I have to tell her to let me buy it as an early birthday-slash-Christmas present. Wish me luck she lets me!

On another note, I've been obsessed with the way Kate Moss's smoky eyes look in these lovely Missoni ads:

Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle

So for tonight's excursion, Richard had invited to me come along to the "Jungle House" for a friends going away and birthday party. The Jungle House is where a group of friends are living together in a house in the city of San Pedro, and it is massive! Well, the backyard that is, with a bunch of trees everywhere that it does really look like a jungle. It's pretty awesome! Great and unforgettable parties have went down at the Jungle House. Always good times.

Anyway, I had invited Denisse to come along with us. Upon first arrival, it was a bit awkward since Denisse and I didn't know many of the people except for only a handful and we pretty much stuck together the whole time, socializing with a only a few. While most of the people entertained themselves by playing beer pong, go figure. The party was supposed to be 90s themed but no one really dressed up. Meanwhile, Denisse and I got bored fast that we decided that a nice little walk to Rite Aid would cure our boredom and go see if they had some Blackberry Merlot and they did! We couldn't help but squeal like little girls, but it is that good, mmmmmm!

Overall, the whole night was pretty enjoyable! One of the residents of the Jungle House, Richie, turned out to be quite a great cook and made the best barbecue chicken! Everyone devoured their meal. Simply delicious. Also, V8 Splash and Malibu turned out to be a great mix together. Who knew?

Some photography by Richard McDisco.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Punch drunk love for you baby

Went to No Culture at the Echo last night with Lizette and Joey. I got to take my camera inside with me which resulted in a lot of good pictures. Met up with friends as well and we danced all throughout Classixx's set, who are my all time favorite L.A.-based DJs. I've seen them live over 10 times now and still counting and they never get old or disappoint. I sort of have this stalkerish fangirl tendency when it comes to them but my undying love for them will never waiver!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Note to Self:

I need to get my shit straight. 2009 is a whole new year of possibilities and I cannot let it go to waste like I did with 2008. Well educationally and financially speaking, anyway. I need to occupy myself with things that will benefit the things I want to do in my future. I've been holding myself back for long enough. I know I'm capable of doing lots of things. I have the mind and the creativity for it and I know I can do so much more better than other people out there. Once and for all, I need to push MYSELF because I'm the one who wants to attain what I want. I can't count on anyone but myself, I know I learned that much in the past few years. My parents will never accept and believe in what I want to do until I prove to them that this isn't some silly little fantasy in my head. It's what I'm passionate about so I have to fight for it. I'm tired of sitting on my bed, in front of my computer all day knowing that I'm capable but I'm just too much of a fucking lazy ass to do anything about it. Especially that I've already fucked up so much in college. I can't go on like this anymore. My lifestyle needs to change. I need to change. Starting now!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Everything's Just Wonderful

So last night was THE big night! Ever since my birthday party during November of last year, we have been looking forward to have another one but this time it was for Denisse (which was originally for our friend Christina but plans tend to change unexpectedly)! So after months of waiting, the day finally came. Our friends and I expected a lot of people and boy, did a lot of people come. Sadly, most of the people who came were not people we invited and would have liked to see but with alcohol in your system we barely cared because at least we had each other.

My friend Shane and Taylor DJed the party, also known as "Hunter/Gatherer." There were a lot of annoying and not at all appealing guys who wanted to dance but uhm, nooo thank you! And I got a little too emotionally drunk and hysterical last night and kept thinking about someone I shouldn't have. But oh well! Shit happens, ahem ahem. There were a few awkward moments with an old flame but we just ignored each other. And I managed to slip and rip my skirt. But one of the highlights of the night was definitely seeing Monica back from Japan and also bearing gifts from Japan! And apparantly, the leather jacket I was wearing used to belong to Lizette and I bought it at Buffalo Exchange two days ago. Talk about sisterhood of the traveling jacket.

However, once the music started to die and the DJs were packing their equipment, so did the party and it ended pretty early. The birthday girl herself left to go to another party all of a sudden and all I wanted to do was go home and sleep on the comfort of my own bed. After leaving the party, Clea, Jane and I headed to Taco Bell where I treated them to quesadillas as a bribe to take me home, ha! And then I got to see Bryttny for the first time in 2009 since my birthday and we blazed and talked about sex like we always do.

I love my friends.Good times, good times.

Friday, January 23, 2009

You will be a hot dancer

Denisse, Jason and I embarked on a journey to Maywood last night, a city the three of us have never been to, but it's located just before the city of Los Angeles. Once we got there, all you can see were industrial buildings. So we were very baffled as to where we were and why of all places this party was located here. We got quite a scare because we got stopped by police, what a great way to start your night! Since we did nothing wrong, he let us go and we commenced our pre-gaming of Svedka. Overall, the three of us had a very interesting and random night. The House Lounge was small and the crowd was random and not at all fashionable. We got to dance for a little bit and capture great photographs! Jason and I were supposed to do roaming photography but we didn't even really bother.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I don't wanna be your friend, I just wanna be your lover

It boggles my mind how many times I've felt this way. How many times I have to feel this way. How many times I seem to attract myself into relationships like this. And even after all the emotional and mental stress and pain I've already gone through, it just keeps happening to me all the time, same situation, same vicious cycle. It just doesn't make any sense! It's as if I'm a magnet for it. I've been betrayed so much and hurt so much. By men I foolishly but genuinely thought I could trust and quite possibly even love, thinking it would turn into something great. But in the horrid end of it all, my heart is served cold and beaten on a silver platter right in front of me with a price worth more than I could imagine. I can only stand so much of it. I'm surprised I'm not a cold-hearted bitch by now. But right now, sitting here, all I feel is a dull ache, an emptiness that echoes harder even in the most silent of places.

There is so much more I want to say, to just spill everything that's in my mind. Of the hatred I feel, the hurt, the shock, the confusion, the loss. It was for nothing, but its the nothing that hurts the most.

I hate you.
I just want to be free of this.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hit up LAX, got in no hassle.

So Rosie and I went to Banana Split Sundae at LAX for the first time. Thankfully we didn't have to wait in the line because this random guy called us over and we get in before everyone! Hah! Very nice of him. But the bouncer totally noticed it wasn't me on the I.D. but oh well he still let me in, thank God.

My first experience was an enjoyable one but it was very interesting. The crowd was very mixed. At the very beginning two guys were trying to hit on us but they failed and one turned out to be gay. I got stuck dancing with this one guy because Rosie disappeared on me and I just wanted to get away! But overall, I had a good time.

I took a disposable camera with me and here's a preview:<