Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stuck On Repeat

Went to Dim Mak Tuesday at Cinespace with Denisse and Jason. We managed to cut everyone in line thanks to Jason's skills and we were able to meet up with Miguel and Andrew, who I haven't seen since the club opening of House. And to our surprise, ran into Will and Jackie a little bit later there too. Tuesday was really fun and Denisse and I enjoyed Little Boot's live performance backstage! Neither of us expected to be backstage but the worker let us in. So sweeet!

Not to mention we managed to snap a picture with cute Little Boots herself afterward. Her outfit was adorable, a black fitted vintage dress with sequins and tiny fringes starting on the shoulders and down to the cleavage, also with a heart shaped cutout on the back with the most adorable black patent peep-toe pumps, I could not look away! And Denisse and I spent the rest of our night away dancing away to Them Jean's DJ set with Will and his dirty dancing, haha. There was a little run in with a certain DJ Douche Bag much to my shock and chagrin, but thankfully I don't think he saw me so there weren't any awkward moments.

And Jason certainly doesn't disappoint with the pictures he took!
While I have to be honest and I think it's pretty apparent by now that I'm a bit of a camera whore, but I really do love taking pictures and capturing the moment! What's the harm in that?

Photo Credit: SayCheeseAndDie.Com

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